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Writing a blog can be easy, but making sure that it drives traffic is the challenging part. If you’ve ever hosted a blog, you’ve probably experienced the tragedy of trying to gain a readership. Most business owners who don’t have a strategic blogging plan are most likely to just end up getting frustrated and giving up. When if you take your time to understand the tremendous impact of blogging on your business, you’ll surely see how it can help you build a social media presence, making a good impression on potential clients or customers, and of course, driving more traffic to your site. 

So here are some of our SEO tips on how you can drive more traffic to your site through blogging:


Have you ever used ahrefs forgetting blog topics ideas? Or checking what keywords are ranking for specific topics? How about seeing what topics have high volume and are relevant to your niche? Well, you’re surely missing out if you haven’t used ahrefs. Most digital marketers are using this software, as it’s one of the most must-haves if you want to elevate your site’s traffic. 

You have to understand that keywords are the heart of SEO (search engine optimization). Good ranking keywords are one of the main factors that can help you generate traffic and authority. Make sure that for every blog post you write, choose one key phrase that you believe readers would use to find that post. And one tool that can help you with all this is ahrefs. 


Pay attention to On-Page SEO. How can you do that? There are many ways for your content to rank in the Search Engine Results, but the most effective and proven way is by optimizing your content. It’s a great way to create internal links to new content, add meta descriptions using some target keywords, and optimize the title and image alt text. You can make the word count longer than others on page 1. 

These are just easy and simple ways to do, but they can help you boost your site’s organic traffic if you do it right. So, take your time and optimize your on-page SEO well. 


If you’ve neglected to incorporate target keywords into your blog, you have to stop that now and start using them. Long-tail keywords account for most web searches. Your headline, title, meta description, URL, and content are critical for a good keyword strategy. Every page in your website needs to have a master plan for keywords that you’ll be targeting. 

Why is it important?

The Google Algorithm understands what that page is about if pages or content have good Keyword concentration, ultimately leading to more traffic from the search engines. Now that you know, make sure to use keywords in your every blog. 


Be active on social media. It’s not enough that you’re just posting content on your website; you also have to share it to your social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can also keep track of your audience’s reactions, comments, and interactions with your post. 

You can join group discussions that are related to your niche and blog topics. Respond to your audience if they leave comments; that way, you’ll build rapport and a connection with them. Social media is the number 1 platform where people spend 90% of their time. So make use of it. 


Adding photos such as infographics or any images you want to add to your blog post makes it more visually appealing, as studies show that photos and videos boost blog posts readership. 

I wonder why? 

Well, I think we all have a short attention span when it comes to reading text. But adding images to it makes it more exciting and triggers our curiosity, making us stay on a specific topic without even noticing the time. Incorporating media makes your content visually pleasing, and you can also boost SEO by using the alt image tag of the photo.

Keep in mind to use royalty-free images and videos; you can locate these images and videos on sites like,, You can also create your infographics through photoshop or canva and upload them to the blog post. Make sure to optimize the title, image link, and alt image title as well.


This can be quite tricky because you’ll have to find websites that will allow you to write guest posts for them. Some of them are free, and some require payment for you to do a guest post with them. Visit those sites related to your niche, see if they allow guest posting, then try to reach out to them and find out what you need to do to submit guest posts. If the site has a good reputation and many readers, you’ll surely gain traffic to your site if the audience turns into your content. 

SEO Blogging is going to be worth it if you build an excellent strategy. 

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