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What You Should Know About SEO

Google and other search engines consider many factors when deciding how to rank a site—because of this, expanding market share and boosting visibility is a process that can take time. It’s best to brush up on the basics before working with an SEO agency. Below, you can find commonly asked SEO questions, along with helpful answers. 

1. What causes a site to appear in search engine results? 

The goal of any search engine is to deliver results that are relevant to the searcher. They want to provide sites that are in line with what users are looking for. Of course, this isn’t always something that search engines succeed in. Thanks to improvements in AI, however, search engines are more accurate than they were in the fast. 

Today, there are more than 200 factors taken into consideration when deciding how to rank a site. One of these is which country you are trying to rank in for example SEO en Costa Rica is different from SEO in Germany.

Sites that are optimized come closer to what search engines are looking for. The content on a site is still important, but there are other factors taken into consideration as well. On top of that, there have been significant changes to Google Core Update. 

Ultimately, the content structure of a site needs to be built around topics and subtopics. 

Links are important, but you’ll need to do more than that for success. 

Search engines view links as an endorsement, but the quality of a link is far more important than the number of links. It’s also important to remember that one site won’t link to another unless the other site provides value to its readers. 

You’ll need assets for sites to link to. 

2. Why is it so costly to work with SEO companies? 

It’s important to remember that not everyone has the same definition of expensive. On top of that, SEO work doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot

It takes time to improve your market share for competitive search keywords. Keywords with a higher volume tend to be challenging to rank for. 

It’s also important to remember that your site probably has a low ranking when it comes to domain and page authority. When a site links back to yours, that site is essentially casting a vote in your favor. If you want to get the attention of other sites, you’ll need to develop content that’s worth linking to. After that, you’ll need to reach out to other sites. This can be a time-consuming process. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that both consumer behavior and technology are continually changing. In order to understand your target audience, you’ll need to spend time researching them. 

Top SEO companies work to keep up with trends and ensure that your site is ready for changes. The goal is to improve and maintain your market share. Not only is Google’s algorithm changing all the time, but there are always new competitors to consider. 

3. Why would a site’s ranking or traffic decrease? 

Traffic from search engines can decrease for many reasons. 

One reason is that the site is no longer optimized on-page. If your competition is better than you are in this department, or if they improve their site, they could wind up outranking you. After their content has been updated, search engines could see it as more relevant. 

Another issue is not building on Page and Domain authority. You may have some link equity, but that doesn’t mean your work is over. The best marketers are continually looking for ways to naturally build links. It takes effort to make your site visible. Once you’ve reached that goal, you need to work to keep the site visible. 

You can also run into issues when you redesign a site without planning first. You should request an in-depth plan before you turn things over to a web designer. What are they going to be changing? Why are they making those changes? Some site owners turn over access without asking these kinds of questions first. It’s always vital to ensure that your site is in good hands. If you’ve seen a traffic decrease of 3% or more after a redesign, it’s time for you to do something. 

Your rankings could also drop if you go against search engine guidelines. It’s important for sites to stay up to date with guidelines. Guidelines change over time, and a site could be penalized for implementing tactics that were once acceptable. A manual infraction from Google can be a real problem. You could experience traffic loss between 10 to 20%

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